I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to avail of Anna Maria’s therapies when I was in a particularly vulnerable place. A stressful situation in my life had begun to overwhelm me and I needed help. I contacted Anna Maria and with her assistance in both educating me how to reduce and manage stress as well as attending for a series of therapy sessions I reaped the benefits, and began the journey to recovery. I cannot thank Anna Maria enough for both the treatment sessions at her wonderful facility and the self healing techniques she taught me. I highly recommend her treatments and holistic healing approach to anybody who finds themselves in a stressed out low ebb place.

I decided to book an appointment with Anna Maria last year. I thought I would give one session a go before getting medical advice for my symptoms. I was welcomed into a haven of tranquillity by the ever professional Anna Maria. I immediately felt safe and at ease in her company. Anna Maria is an amazing, intuitive therapist who listened so attentively to my story, and who then used her bio-feedback techniques to discover what was really happening to me. I was blown away by her findings, but it all made sense to me. I returned for a follow up visit and this session was equally as enlightening and therapeutic. Since my visits to Anna Maria I’m delighted to say my symptoms have disappeared.

I have been practicing yoga with Anna Maria for several years. Her class is welcoming and calm, from a gentle hand on your body to assist with a pose to her amazing restorative yoga class. As a runner I find my yoga practice as invaluable, from warm up and cool down pre and post runs to a daily maintenance of mind and body. Availing of Anna Maria’s combination physical therapies, massage and NST, for injury prevention and treatment is my go to for safe and healthy running. Thank you Anna Maria

I started going to Anna Maria initially for back and sciatica problems. The NST treatment was fantastic for muscle pain and flexibility. Because Anna Maria works in a holistic way and uses kinesiology bio-feedback to uncover the underlying issues, it meant that I also, got energy balancing and nutritional advice, which was all required for the bigger picture of healing. I now keep myself well with her weekly yoga class!! Couldn’t recommend Anna Maria highly enough

I have been attending Anna Maria for Neurostructural Integrated Therapy and sports massage since 2010. I am a competitive Masters swimmer and suffer from repetitive strain and sports injuries. With the help of Anna Maria’s NST and sports massage, I am able to continue at a high standard and to my full potential. On the advice of Anna Maria I started yoga classes with her 8 years ago and have found yoga to be very beneficial. I am continuing yoga classes with Anna Maria via Zoom at present. I can highly recommend Anna Maria as both a therapist and a yoga teacher.

I have tried various treatment for rotator cuff pain and stiffness over a number of years with little improvement. Following two or three visits to Anna Maria for physical therapy, I found that I have a much greater range of flexibility and no pain, which has made a significant difference to my life. Her experience and knowledge means she works on the body as a whole and the benefits are wide ranging. Taking part in Anna Maria’s Zoom Yoga classes has been a great support during Covid19. The classes are delivered with variety, positivity and good humor, to bring about calmness, strength and relaxation for those participating in the class

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