Physical Therapies

In-person physical therapies will be offered in the practice when restrictions are lifted.

Following an initial holistic assessment, Deep Tissue Massage and Neurostructural Integration Technique (N.S.T.) may be applied for the relief of painful and dysfunctional muscles. Both massage and N.S.T. facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal following injuries caused by daily activities, sport or repetitive strain.

N.S.T. (  is considered by many to be the world’s leading technique in structural and spinal therapy for lasting relief of pain. N.S.T. employs a series of gentle but specific moves that initiates a process of natural auto-regulation firstly in the spinal muscles and then followed by muscles in the limbs, trunk, neck, face and head. As a result, the whole body is reset and returned to an optimum structural position.

Very powerful corrective energy flows are set in motion and can be directed into specific areas of the body where there is pain and dysfunction.

Deep tissue massage when combined with pain relieving techniques aims to release tight and painful muscles, facilitating the body to heal and return to optimum function.

The soothing effect of Holistic Massage helps to ease away the aches of every day stresses, restore the mind and revitalise the body.

PLEASE NOTE: Full body massage is for ladies only.

Indian Head Massage is also offered. It is a therapeutic treatment applied to the shoulders, neck, scalp and face and combines massage and acupressure points for the maintenance of good health, relief of tension, headaches, sinusitis and insomnia.

Not all structural issues require a structural treatment. In some cases the underlying issues contributing to the problem require a combination treatment eg. Structural with emotional or structural with energy balancing. Working on many levels allow for optimum healing to take place.

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