Energy Rebalancing

In person or distant healing.

Anna Maria uses kinesiology techniques, Reiki and Emotional Stress Relief Therapy to restore the body’s energy systems.

Think about each person being composed of an equal sided triangle. In complete health and balance, this triangle stays equal. The Triad of Health defines that health is composed of 3 major components in life that need to be in balance,  1)Structure/Physical.  2)Chemical/Nutrition and 3) Mental /Emotional factors. They are all interdependent.

In real life these side are probably slightly off balance at any given time. Juggling daily personal commitments such as work, study, sports and family life can be a challenge. Processing emotions can be particularly difficult in times of grief, loss or following a traumatic event. All of these contribute to knocking the triangle off balance, and as a result affects our emotions, nervous system and the energy systems of the body, meridians and chakras. Continued imbalance of the main energy systems can lead to pain, anxiety and lack of vitality.  Frequently we know there is something just not right but are unable to identify it. Finding and clearing the cause of these imbalances restores harmony and well being.

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