Emotional Stress Release

Release of emotional blockages is powerful and liberating. Sometimes we don’t know they are holding us back, but we acknowledge there is a struggle moving forward and wonder why. Every day is a join the dot of emotional events, pleasant and not so pleasant. Releasing old emotions , often the cause of pain and stress in our bodies, empowers us to work towards the realisation of goals and help achieve  a sense of personal  fulfilment and happiness.


Stress in the work place 14-12-2020 Irishhealth.com ..”.Everybody would admit to feeling stressed at work on occasion, but very few people perhaps are aware of just how stressed they are. The impact of stress can often be cloaked in other symptoms, for example physical ailments. If you have trouble sleeping, feel run down, eat irregularly or have lost a lot of your enjoyment in recent times, the chances are that you  could be suffering from stress”.

Acknowledging the cause of stress and how it impacts on our emotions, our lives and our interactions with others is the first step. Using a combination of therapies Anna Maria will help you release these “heavy emotions” and ascertain how best you can lower stress levels in your life. In addition she will customise an easy to follow self help programme empowering you to manage stress in your daily life.

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